Green Fingers

I mentioned in one of my very first blogs that we (Ed and me) were trying to make a go of growing our own veg this year.

For his Birthday in February, I bought Ed a mini greenhouse – we only have a little garden so a normal sized greenhouse would have taken up the whole of it! This spurred us on and we drove to the nearest garden center to pick a small and manageable selection of plants.

We spent what seemed like a fortune on plants, seeds, pots, tubs, compost, hanging baskets, plant food and bamboo canes. Of course I managed to sneak a few bedding flowers and lavender plants into the trolly as well.

All ready (and armed with a ‘Grow Your Own’ book – another fabulous Birthday present from yours truly) we trundled out into our little garden to start planting. Apart from a few squeals on my part due to worms and spiders, we really cracked on and by the end of the afternoon we had cucumbers, chilli peppers, potatoes, sweet peppers, tomatoes, garlic, beetroot and strawberries planted. Like a said, a small and manageable selection for two amateurs, and not forgetting the colourful bedding flowers and lavender plants.

The random weather hasn’t made it easy, and for first timers we are constantly inspecting the plants in their tubs, asking them if they have enough water etc. Wouldn’t it be great if they actually spoke back? Things on the whole are looking hopeful – everything looks healthy and the flowers are bringing gorgeous colour to the city garden.

The hot chilli pepper is looking great – not quite sure how hot it’s going to be but we’ll let Ed find that one out.

The sweet pepper is looking good too. They’ve been enjoying the warm bit at the top of the greenhouse and I think the recent hot weather has really encouraged them.

I can’t wait for the cucumber to be ready – although if it gets much bigger, we will have to take everything else out of the green house!

We tried a tomato plant last year and it seemed to have more tomatoes on it, but we’re still hopeful that this years will bring a few.

And the small pretty area at the bottom of the garden isn’t looking bad either.

Ed was feeling brave the other day and decided to inspect one of the sacks of potatoes and came back with a bowl full of spuds! So, in celebration, I rustled up a simple potato salad.

Well done Ed – fabulous growing skills and very yummy potatoes!


New Goodies for my Website

I’m so guilty…….of neglecting my website!

Especially since setting up my little shop on Folksy. I need just a few more hours in a day to keep on top of everything (isn’t it always the way?)

I do get more sales through Folksy, but then is this because I don’t promote my website enough? I’m sure people are reading this with a little grin of aggreement. There’s only so much you can do with a single pair of hands, so mine have been busy this morning trying to load my neglected little website with more lovely products, pictures and descriptions.

As well as keeping my admin side of things up to date, I’ve just ordered a few more bits that will soon make their way onto the Bumbleblue desk. I’m so excited to get the paint pots out and really get stuck into something new, so watch this space for even more new goodies and treats….and of course, they will be on my website soon after.

New goodies for a windy day

I get so excited about adding new bits to my website – almost as much as I love to find things like these….

When I see things like this I can’t resist buying them and painting them up with a new lease of life! They looked so sorry for themselves being bare and plain. So after a few hours on the Bumbleblue desk, they looked a little better;

I took them to a craft fair I was doing and sold them to my first customer! She was a really nice lady as well – told me to carry on making my things becasue my products were gorgeous. I told her she could definately come back!

My boyfriend Ed has become really good at planting his own herbs and veg etc. so I’ve promised to make him his own personal set to label all the bits he’s growing. Trouble is, with all the craft fairs, my Folksy shop, and a new trade customer to paint for, he’s been put on a back burner – His vegetables will be grown, cooked and eaten before I’ve finished them!