Jingle All The Way!

Here at Bumbleblue, everything is in full festive swing. It’s the last day of November and I already feel like I’ve painted a truck load of Christmas decorations!

As well as painting orders for my fabulous customers, I’ve been trying to carry on with experimenting and keeping my creative juices flowing. It was actually a Christmas song that inspired my newest little creation – This is a good twist of fate as now I can argue that festive Michael Buble is educational!

So, I had Jingle Bells in my head and fueled by a fresh cup of tea I opened my cupboard that holds a bit of everything and had a root around. At the bottom was a big bag full of my wrapping bits and bobs; rolls of pretty paper, bags of beautiful ribbons and tonnes of gorgeous tags.

Hmm, gift tags…

No present you wrap is complete without a tag. It identifies the sender, offers sentiment to the recipient and also makes the whole wrapping process complete. The more I thought about it, the more I started to feel sorry for the humble gift tag. We put so much thought into choosing which paper to buy, matching it up to ribbons and tags and when all’s said and done, we tear the package open and throw it all away.

A few more cups of tea and a few sketches and the ideas started flowing, I just needed one little thing to bring it all together…..


jingle bells tag 2

jingle bells tag 1jingle bells tag 3jingle bells tag 4


Red, Red Robin

It’s that time of year again when the muggy heat of Summer is replaced with that creeping chill of Autumn.

I love the long Summer days (especially as it means I can live in flip flops for a few months!) but the change in seasons means it will soon be time for cosy nights huddled by the fire under big knitted blankets whilst drinking hot chocolate.

In a bid to be organised this year, I promised myself I would keep on top of my festive products. I know alot of you are going to flip at this point, but yes I’m talking about Christmas decorations. I adore the festive season and I love designing my own gifts and decorations. After a few years of developing ideas, there’s finally  a nice collection forming including one of my favourites, the little Bobbin’ Robin.

Each wooden bird is given a few coats of paint before being sanded down to give them a smooth finish.

His bright red tummy really turns him into a cheerful robin and this is left to dry before the tiny paint brushes come out! After another quick sand down, he’s given a wing, an eye and his song is painted onto his red tum.

A bit of string finishes him off and he’s ready to hang on your tree!

Creating, Painting and Photographing

As this title suggests, I’ve been busy!

Since starting my blog it’s been nice for me to keep a record of the stages and processes my ideas go through to end up as a finished product. I always find it interesting to see how other people work and how they create their things – especially when it’s something I can’t do.

I’ve got huge respect for people who can sew or knit up a masterpiece. My textiles teacher at school had more patience than we gave her credit for. Honestly, what that poor woman had to work with, it’s nothing short of a miracle that I managed to produce a cushion at all! I can do the basics – by basics I mean I can just about sew a button back on and mend small holes.

When it comes to knitting, it’s a slightly different story. I really enjoy it! My Gran was the Queen of the knitting needles. She would sit down in the morning with some wool, and by the afternoon she would be surrounded by an army of knitted creations. I’ve got some really happy memories of sitting with her and being taught how to knit. I managed a whole scarf and was so chuffed with myself at the time, except I couldn’t start myself off or turn round. Every time I got to the end of a row, the knitting was flung onto Gran for her to turn me round. Again, this is a skill that my mum has mastered, and my genes just wont allow me to grasp. These gorgeous cushions were hand knitted by mum – I absolutely love them!

I’m going to stick to what I know – painting! None of this ‘knit one, pearl one’ to confuse me. My new decorations are all coming along…

And they will soon be making their way into my Folksy shop. I love the bunting that I’ve just finished, and think it will look gorgeous along someones fireplace at Christmas.

So it’s back to the Bumbleblue desk. I’ve got a two day craft fair at the weekend so I’m hoping my table will be nice and full.