Afternoon Tea

I’m sure most people are aware by now, that when it comes to baking cakes I’m no Mary Berry. Still, I keep hoping one day that natural instinct to bake fabulous cakes and biscuits will kick in.

It doesn’t seem as though today was that day.

I’ve tried scones twice before and neither attempt was that successful. I forgot the eggs the first time, creating scones so hard you could have used them to build houses with. The second batch included all the right ingredients and would have been the right consistency. Would have if I hadn’t rolled them out as thin as biscuits thinking they would rise. I had created what I named ‘scone-scuits’; all the taste of a scone in the handy size and shape of a biscuit (Dragons Den here I come!)

I can honestly say I don’t know what happened with my latest batch. I followed the recipe carefully and stuck to the method. When the recipe told me to ‘…turn the dough-like mixture out onto a lightly floured surface…’ I slopped out a wet, gooey and sticky mess. I’m guessing too much milk.

After using what must have been my body weight in flour, I managed to cut out some scones and get them into the oven. They looked a bit pasty going in…

…At least they came out smelling yummy. They won’t win any W.I rosettes but I’m sure they’ll go down a treat with a cup of tea.



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