Lino Printing For Fathers Day

I still can’t get the hang of designing and making products for specific occasions months in advance. We’re coming towards the end of May and I’m only just thinking about Fathers Day.  I have however made a note in my diary to start thinking about Christmas decorations in July – last year was just a bit too manic to repeat! I can’t wait to see Ed’s face when he starts spotting snowflakes mid-summer.

With Fathers Day round the corner, I’ve been scribbling down suitable images and designs for cards without going down the usual routes. I’ve been trying to keep my designs fairly original – to me there’s no point hand crafting a card that’s the spitting image of something you can buy in every other high street card shop.

I’ve also been experimenting with how I produce my cards and even had a go at some lino printing. The last time I tried this was in uni and I sliced into my hands that many times, I’ve been reluctant to try it again! When you’re looking to be original, a few risks are necessary now and then (any lino printers reading this will be laughing their socks off!)

Feeling brave, I attempted two simple designs to start with – better to work your confidence up with something small right?

I drew out the design and armed with my lino, iron (a very technical and necessary aid) and my cutting tools, I was ready.

The iron tip was from my house mate at the time. She’d had a good chuckle at me trying to hack away at the lino cold, and out of sympathy (and probably my sanity) she told me the lino is easier to cut if it’s heated slightly.

Just one amazingly important point I’ve got to stress, that might seem obvious. Keep your fingers out of the way! I know this and I know the tools I’m using are incredibly sharp. This all said, I still insist on holding the lino I’m working on, in the direction of all my cuts. One day, when I’ve got no fingers left, I might learn.

After I was happy with the stamps, I tried them out to see what they would look like and if they had actually worked.

Chuffed with how they had turned out, it was onto the cards and a few Fathers Day type messages…

I think I’m a little bit hooked to lino printing now and can’t wait to try other designs – I just hope my poor hands will forgive me!


6 thoughts on “Lino Printing For Fathers Day

  1. These are great. I like the crown, very suitable for father’s day. It’s got that I stumbled across your blog – I had totally forgotten it was coming up! Snowflakes in July is very organised!

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