Greetings from Bumbleblue

I love buying cards – Birthday, good luck, new home or just because.

It’s amazing how picky you can become when most cards are only really appreciated for a short time and then added to the recycling pile of papers. I’m probably a bit sentimental, but I’ve got cards that I’ve saved – some because of the occasion they were sent and some because of the sender.

Most of my 18th and 21st birthday cards are kept safely all together along with some new home cards from when Ed and I moved in together. Handwritten messages from friends and family are little links to the past and looking back through them always makes me smile.

This all said I’m an absolute nightmare when shopping for cards to give to people. It has to be one that I like and would be happy to receive. Then it needs to be what I think the person I’m sending it would like to receive, obviously! Finally, due to the similar strict process of present buying (don’t get me started) it needs to be a reasonable price. This all sounds pretty simple, but any occasion I need to buy a card it’s usually quite an ordeal and tea and some sort of chocolate therapy is required.

For quite a few birthdays I’ve ended up making my own cards after trawling from shop to shop without so much as a sniff of a ‘nice’ card. Creating a little collection of my own was a good excuse to wander round boutique card shops for inspiration. Alot of my ideas came from things I’d made in the past and a few of the gorgeous shops we had visited in York.

A new letter stamp set has already been worth its weight in gold;




Compared to my usual wooden products, cards are quite different, but I wanted all the cards to look and feel like the rest of my work. With the help of some extra tiny wooden shapes, they were given the Bumbleblue touch.





All packaged up, my first little lot are ready for my craft event next week – fingers crossed they will go down well!





Car Boot Treasures

It really felt like Spring was on it’s way the other weekend. The clouds and chill in the air moved to one side and the sun tiptoed into their place.

I joined the early bird on Sunday and went along to a car boot sale. I was a bit bleary-eyed but wandering around in the sun peering at people’s offerings, I soon started to wake up. I love trips to antique markets and shops, but the humble car boot will always be a special treat. Traders in antique shops have usually selected the items they hold and are looking to make a profit on whatever piece you buy from them – after all it’s their business. Car booters offerings are a random mix of old and used or new and un-touched bits and bobs. You never really know what, if anything you’re going to find.

I did a quick lap but was distracted by the tea van. On the second lap I found some fabulous little treasures. One actually isn’t that small – It’s a gorgeous wooden frame perfect to be turned into a chalkboard for our kitchen. I didn’t realise just how big it was until I got it back to the car. My little KA did very well to accommodate it!

A pair of wooden candle sticks and this gorgeous bedside table and I came away quite pleased with myself.



I’m waiting for a nice day to get on with the table, but I couldn’t wait to get the candle sticks sanded down!