Playing with Clay

I was right – my holiday isn’t a holiday at all, and if I’m honest I don’t mind too much.

My website is online and there’s a few products on there to browse through, I’ve got some cards designed and made ready for Valentines day and I’ve been experimenting with some new products and materials. This afternoon my coffee table was covered with clay! I remember doing a workshop at school with clay and I absolutely loved it, but that was a long time ago and the itch was still there to try and create a Bumbleblue product in clay.

I had no idea what I was really doing, so decided to start small and simple. Using my hairspray as a rolling pin (yeah, didn’t think about how to flatten it out)  I concentrated on making some little love hearts.

I found the metal letter stamps on Ebay and I already love them. It’s so quick when I’m used to hand painting everything. This was instant results and I’m really happy with them – even half finished. Now I’ve just got to wait for them to dry before I can add finishing touches.

If they work, I’ll update you!


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