Happy New Year

The festive season is over for another year, and what a season it was!

I really got stuck into Bumbleblue, both online in my Folksy shop and out and about at craft fairs. Lots of sales, positive feedback and new contacts can only be good news for the future and I intend to make the most of it!

I’ve never really been one to make new years resolutions. Probably because I’ve never decided on anything to stick to or give up! This year it seems a little different, and I’ve got a spark of enthusiasm for getting Bumbleblue very organised (I’ve even bought some file dividers, oh yes)

It’s funny that most of my new ideas come to me when I’m busy making orders up, or getting ready for a craft fair. New projects and products flood into my head and of course, there’s no time to do anything about them there and then and usually, I end up forgetting them.

Towards the end of last year, I made an effort to make a note of those random ideas and keep them for when I had some extra time. Well, I’ve got a week and a half to let some of these ‘forgotten’ ideas come out and shine.

As is always the case, I’ve planned to do so much in my time off, I don’t think ‘having a rest’ will feature much! The excitement is keeping me spurred on, and I can’t wait to see my new website up and running! I’m not at all very adventurous when it comes to technology so I’m completely surprising myself and dare I say it learning something new was quite satisfying.

I know we’re well into January now, but Happy New Year and I hope all your plans for 2012 get off to a good start!


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