Santa’s Magic Key

This little lot of vintage keys have been sitting on the Bumbleblue desk, waiting patiently to be turned into something festive.

With no craft fairs over the weekend, I cracked on with them. After all it’s only 41 days until Christmas! Armed with a good supply of tea I painted, sanded, and threaded my socks off. The keys looked perfect as they were, but they didn’t look very festive so they were given a coat of white metal paint.

As with all of my projects, the sandpaper came out and most of the metal paint came off. It was worth the mess and time, however I don’t think my nails are ever going to be their natural colour again! (it’s a good job it’s the season for gloves)

I had to post this up as well – it’s the poem that influenced the whole thing! I found it in a book, and being the Christmas fairy that I am, I had to do something with it.

Dear Santa,

We don’t have a chimney and

I was worried as could be,

about how you’d bring the presents

to my family and me.

But now I’ve solved the problem

and I’m not sad anymore,

for hanging from this ribbon,

is the key to our front door.

Although our house has a chimney, I think just to be on the safe side I should keep one of these decorations for me …


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