More Tea Vicar?

I found a fantastic book last week. It’s filled to the brim with home made gift ideas with inspiration from vintage items and forgotten treasures.

I love things with a story behind them. The Bumbleblue desk was originally my Grans dining table, and the chair I sit on is one that my Dad would have swung his legs from at meal times. My Mum and Dads house has plenty of antiques from the family  too – one being a chunky stone bench that used to sit outside my Grans house on a hill in Winster (A very pretty village in Derbyshire) I can imagine anyone walking up the hill would have appreciated a sit on it! Dad nearly broke his back moving it and I think sheer determination means it’s now sat on their patio.

Reading through my new book, I found a method for turning teacups into candles. As luck would have it, I was sat next to a lovely lady at my craft fair at the weekend who had a table full of vintage items – including this gorgeous teacup and saucer!

She tutted at me for spending my money when I was there to earn, but said she was happy it was going to a nice home.

So, with a little help from my new book, my little teacup has had a change of use…

Oh so proud!


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