Looking Professional

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”

That saying is so true. Since starting Bumbleblue I have been totally focussed on the sourcing, designing and making new products, that other sides to a ‘business’ have been neglected. I’ve never studied business and have pretty much picked up most, if not all of what I know from working in home interiors and gift shops, and reading! The odd programme on telly has also been an eye opener – The most recent probably being the BBC’s ‘Britain’s Next Big Thing’ presented by Theo Paphitis. (If you haven’t seen that, try and find it!)

Recently I have been trying to publicize myself a bit more. Facebook and my blog are amazing ways to share what I’ve been working on, what I’m thinking about and to see what other people think. Even the forums on Folksy are a great way of sharing links back to your other pages and blogs etc.

One thing that is always done last minute is my business stationary. My new stamp is working wonders, and I’ve now made stickers to finish off my wrapping with. My business cards however, have always been a bit of a burden to me. I knew what I wanted them to look like, but just couldn’t get there. On many occasions I was left stomping away from the computer with a load of failed attempts on the screen.It’s the computers fault you see, it stunts my creativity.

I was so stubborn and determined to create them myself that Ed, a trained and very successful Graphic Designer was often left baffled. Eventually last week, after  another evening of clicking away with different fonts and images, he stepped in.

“It’s nearly there Em, but why don’t we try this…”

That was the proverbial we obviously. Within mere minutes I was looking at a very professional looking business card. He made it look so easy! I’m so happy with them and they reflect my company perfectly.

Although for now they’re just being printed off my computer, they still look great. When funds allow I can get them printed properly.

Thankyou my clever Graphic Designer…


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