Creating, Painting and Photographing

As this title suggests, I’ve been busy!

Since starting my blog it’s been nice for me to keep a record of the stages and processes my ideas go through to end up as a finished product. I always find it interesting to see how other people work and how they create their things – especially when it’s something I can’t do.

I’ve got huge respect for people who can sew or knit up a masterpiece. My textiles teacher at school had more patience than we gave her credit for. Honestly, what that poor woman had to work with, it’s nothing short of a miracle that I managed to produce a cushion at all! I can do the basics – by basics I mean I can just about sew a button back on and mend small holes.

When it comes to knitting, it’s a slightly different story. I really enjoy it! My Gran was the Queen of the knitting needles. She would sit down in the morning with some wool, and by the afternoon she would be surrounded by an army of knitted creations. I’ve got some really happy memories of sitting with her and being taught how to knit. I managed a whole scarf and was so chuffed with myself at the time, except I couldn’t start myself off or turn round. Every time I got to the end of a row, the knitting was flung onto Gran for her to turn me round. Again, this is a skill that my mum has mastered, and my genes just wont allow me to grasp. These gorgeous cushions were hand knitted by mum – I absolutely love them!

I’m going to stick to what I know – painting! None of this ‘knit one, pearl one’ to confuse me. My new decorations are all coming along…

And they will soon be making their way into my Folksy shop. I love the bunting that I’ve just finished, and think it will look gorgeous along someones fireplace at Christmas.

So it’s back to the Bumbleblue desk. I’ve got a two day craft fair at the weekend so I’m hoping my table will be nice and full.


Festive Folksy

I stumbled accross a lovely website this morning that kindly informed me that there were only 60 days left until Christmas.

60 days! How did that happen?

After a little panic, I decided to have a browse to see what festive treats I could find. Being a complete lover of Christmas, I have to limit myself to buying just a few decorations each year. Ed puts up with so much – linen christmas puddings hanging from the fireplace, gingerbread men in the kitchen and wreaths on most doors…Not to mention the white fairy lights that twinkle from the tree all the way up to the headboard of the bed. Like I said, he puts up with a lot!

I’ve been filling my Folksy shop with decorations, and I’ve had a look to see what other sellers have been doing the same.

If you haven’t been over to visit Folksy yet, what are you waiting for? All these talented and original designers and makers are in one place.

Happy browsing!

Looking Professional

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”

That saying is so true. Since starting Bumbleblue I have been totally focussed on the sourcing, designing and making new products, that other sides to a ‘business’ have been neglected. I’ve never studied business and have pretty much picked up most, if not all of what I know from working in home interiors and gift shops, and reading! The odd programme on telly has also been an eye opener – The most recent probably being the BBC’s ‘Britain’s Next Big Thing’ presented by Theo Paphitis. (If you haven’t seen that, try and find it!)

Recently I have been trying to publicize myself a bit more. Facebook and my blog are amazing ways to share what I’ve been working on, what I’m thinking about and to see what other people think. Even the forums on Folksy are a great way of sharing links back to your other pages and blogs etc.

One thing that is always done last minute is my business stationary. My new stamp is working wonders, and I’ve now made stickers to finish off my wrapping with. My business cards however, have always been a bit of a burden to me. I knew what I wanted them to look like, but just couldn’t get there. On many occasions I was left stomping away from the computer with a load of failed attempts on the screen.It’s the computers fault you see, it stunts my creativity.

I was so stubborn and determined to create them myself that Ed, a trained and very successful Graphic Designer was often left baffled. Eventually last week, after  another evening of clicking away with different fonts and images, he stepped in.

“It’s nearly there Em, but why don’t we try this…”

That was the proverbial we obviously. Within mere minutes I was looking at a very professional looking business card. He made it look so easy! I’m so happy with them and they reflect my company perfectly.

Although for now they’re just being printed off my computer, they still look great. When funds allow I can get them printed properly.

Thankyou my clever Graphic Designer…

First Autumn Fair

My first craft fair of the season was at the weekend. I haven’t done one for a while and was a little bit out of the swing of it all.

I’d been shopping for new bits and bobs and these were all ready in their new baskets (bit of an organisation freak so everything has to have its place!) As it’s only the beginning of October, I didn’t want to scare people too much with the thought of Christmas, but I had to take a few of my new festive bits along.

As you can see, Buddy was a big help with the photographs…

I made a big effort with my table display for this fair. It really helps to get you noticed in a room full of tables. I got some gorgeous pine cones all the way from bonny Scotland (Bud hasn’t quite munched through them all) and some new fabric and baskets for my table top. It was definately worth investing a bit on these little details, as I got some really lovely comments from my customers.

Another new product that I was excited about were my new welcome signs. It’s quite difficult sometimes to make and paint what’s in your head at a price that’s reasonable. By spending hours and hours just wandering around on the internet, I’ve found some great little suppliers that keep their prices low so I can pass this on to the customer. Although a bit fiddly to paint, they look fab when finished (even if I do say so myself!)…

All in all, it was a nice but quiet day at the fair. The morning was promising, but then the great British weather had other ideas and when the rain started, the customers left.

Plenty more booked so fingers crossed for the next one!

Been a Busy Bee

It has been a while since my last post, but I haven’t been twiddling my thumbs! I took a few weeks off to enjoy the sunshine and spend some time with Ed (and of course Buddy) It’s back to work now Autumn has arrived, and dare I say it the run up to Christmas wont be far away.

I love this time of year – Ok, so the weather is a bit of a disappointment, especially after the long sunny days of summer. There are still a few special days when the sun manages to shine through a fresh mist and everything shares the same golden glow. The pavements are scattered with crunchy leaves and pine cones and little red berrys cling onto the few remaining green bushes.

After a break, I was fully refreshed and ready to dust of the paint brushes. Lots and lots of painting has been going on at the Bumbleblue desk! My little keyrings are always popular presents, so I’ve added a few new colours.

I finally got round to finishing the lavender bags I started in the Summer – I changed my mind a few times about how to finish these off, but I’m chuffed with how they’ve ended up. One has managed to sneak its way into my wardrobe…. I just don’t know how that happened.

And I finally got round to finishing these little projects off…

It’s taken me long enough, but eventually my shabby chic chair and drawers are ready to go to their first craft fair. I’ve booked quite a few from now until Christmas, so although I’ve got more products, there’s room for a few more bits and pieces!

Oh dear, does that mean more shopping? Shame.