Lovely Lavender

It was a gorgeously sunny day on Sunday and as these seem quite rare at the moment, I spent nearly all of it in the garden. Apart from popping in for cups of tea, I enjoyed cracking on with a bit of maintenance.

I honestly didn’t know you had to put so much time into a garden. Being a city garden, ours is quite small – but thank goodness! By the time you have planted a few bits here and cut back a few bits there, a whole day has flown by! Although Ed is more interested in growing things you can eat, I’ve managed to sneak other plants and flowers in to make it look like a garden, and not an allotment. It’s a bit random, but I like that it doesn’t look too planned and organised.

When we moved into the house, the only plant in the garden was an overgrown and un-loved lavender. We cut it back and nurtured it, but after a really cold winter last year, I was very suprised to see it bounce into life in the spring. On my cutting mission, I kept all the little lavender buds (the smelly bits) and over a cup of tea, I had a think about what I could do with them.

As I’ve explained before, I have a tendancy to buy something, keep it for months and then think of something to do or make with it. In my ‘cupboard of things waiting to be used’ were some plain organza bags – you see, it all comes together in the end! So little lavender bags were in the making, however next to the bags were some reels of wire. Feeling tempted to use this as well, but not really sure how, it was back into the sun to look at my components for a while.

It’s by no means perfect, but this is what I ended up with…

And the little lavender bags…

Quite a productive pruning session I feel.


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