Bee-ing Productive

Sometimes, when you’re not looking for it, you can stumble upon something so perfect.

Every day on the walk home from work, I go past an art shop. Usually I walk straight past, and I don’t think I’ve actually been in since I was at Uni. I was just walking up to it the other day when the heavens opened and I darted for shelter. Feeling a little sheepish that I was hovering in the doorway to avoid the raindrops, I pottered in to have a browse.

I’m always tempted by paintbrushes, and as wiered as it sounds coming from a 26 year old, there’s something quite theraputic about shopping for paint. The dilemas of shopping for clothes just aren’t applicable to picking out a new paintbrush or adding a new colour to the paint pot collection.

So there I was, dodging the typical British summer weather surrounded by crisp white pads of drawing paper, rolls of card in a rainbow of colours, packs of tiny beads and ribbon bows displayed and waiting for a creative to come and turn them into a masterpiece. Next to the door was a stand full of wooden stamps and on my way past, I spotted a very perfect and very useful stamp.

My logo and company image is a bumble bee so I’m really happy I can have proper looking stationary without having to pay a fortune on professional printing. While I’m building up the pennies for all that, my little stamp can help me out! To think I only found it from dodging raindrops.



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