It seems the appreciation for raw talent and hand crafted products has really grown over the last few years. This want for items that have been made by skilled crafts people has created an opening for fabulous websites such as Etsy, Folksy and Not on the Highstreet to showcase them and their wares.

These sites are jam packed full with talented creative types, who each put their own individual stamp on their virtual shop. Somehow, amongst all the gorgeous wares on Folksy, I have managed to set up and sell my own creations.

When grouped together on here, you can really see my style and everything forms a collection (It makes me look quite proffessional!)

The forums are a great way to interact with other sellers and you get a real sense of community when you read all the posts. From technical problems to general opinions on products, people offer solutions, advice and really welcome each other onto the site.

I haven’t been part of the internet crafting scene for long and so far I have only set up shop on one marketplace. After finding Folksy such a success, I am keen to find other places to sell. The most recent recomendation is Misi. Starting again from scratch is challenging, especially as all my craft work has to be done around my full time day job. Also as previously discussed, my domestic goddess gene seems to have skipped a generation, so house work etc. takes it’s share of my time.



Still, I can’t imagine not designing and painting so a few late nights here and there to fit everything in is ok for now. You never know, I might become a savvy business woman whose products are saught after by shoppers throughout the country…

For now though, I am enjoying exploring the internet marketplace and trying to establish Bumbleblue into a creative and successful company.

If you’re thinking about setting up an online shop to sell your craft, I would really recommend jumping right in there. What have you got to lose?


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