Cloudy Crafting Weekends

To try and encourage the sunshine to come back out from behind the clouds, I have been busy creating lots of gorgeous goodies just in time for the weekend as I was in the beautiful town of Bakewell for a craft fair.

I’m still finding my feet with craft fairs, but with growing confidence, I’m starting to look forward to setting up my stand and meeting lots of lovely customers.I’m always thinking of new ways to display my products and how to make my table stand out.

My full time job (the one that pays that bills!) involves alot of visual merchandising, so I know how important it is to create an attractive background for the products your selling.

It’s getting there…

Every fair I go to, something new is added, and usually there are some new products to play around with. Along with my slate garden signs, I had some more little creations with me.

These little bird houses were a fabulous find and great to paint. A bit fiddly at first, but the finished product makes the patience worth it. I was only able to get hold of a few of these, and one is definately making its way into my garden!

Fingers crossed, these colourful treats might encourage the sun to come out from its hiding place and shine for a little while.


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