Cloudy Crafting Weekends

To try and encourage the sunshine to come back out from behind the clouds, I have been busy creating lots of gorgeous goodies just in time for the weekend as I was in the beautiful town of Bakewell for a craft fair.

I’m still finding my feet with craft fairs, but with growing confidence, I’m starting to look forward to setting up my stand and meeting lots of lovely customers.I’m always thinking of new ways to display my products and how to make my table stand out.

My full time job (the one that pays that bills!) involves alot of visual merchandising, so I know how important it is to create an attractive background for the products your selling.

It’s getting there…

Every fair I go to, something new is added, and usually there are some new products to play around with. Along with my slate garden signs, I had some more little creations with me.

These little bird houses were a fabulous find and great to paint. A bit fiddly at first, but the finished product makes the patience worth it. I was only able to get hold of a few of these, and one is definately making its way into my garden!

Fingers crossed, these colourful treats might encourage the sun to come out from its hiding place and shine for a little while.


Butterflies Welcome

The sun has actually tried peeping out in the last two days, and to encourage it a bit more I bought a flower plant for the garden. Not being green fingered, I can’t tell you what it’s called, but it’s purple, pretty and looks fab in my pot at the bottom of the garden!

My new blooms got me feeling creative and I went in search of something new….and found these;

Perfect! They’re huge, heavy bits of slate, and to be honest, when I first saw them it was a case of

“…I want them but I don’t know what for…”

I’m constantly doing this. I’ve got a cupboard in the room where I paint and it’s full of random bits of this, and mixed bags of that, just in case…

Luckily my dad gave me a lifetime supply of vintage tabacco tins so my collection of buttons, beads, ribbons etc. are kept tidy (and even labelled)

After studying my new purchases for a few days, instead of being religated to the ‘cupboard of all things waiting to be used’ my new slate labels made it to my desk and the paint came out!

I’ve never painted on slate before, and it’s not the easiest! The surface isn’t flat so all the letters are slightly wobbly round the edges – something that over the last few years I have never allowed. Being a perfectionist, if it wasn’t right, it was sanded down and started again. (My mum would chuckle reading that!)

Pretty chuffed with these…

and of course, with my new little flower that inspired the whole thing.

Another grey day…

Well, I think the sun has well and truly given up! It’s another grey day and although I’m nearly over my cold (the last little bit is still clinging on) it’s a bit chilly to be outside.

So inside I am, and to be productive I’m trying to update the admin side of things. It’s so easy to get carried away with actually making products and to completely forget about advertising them. But on a miserable day like today, updating websites and business listings with a cup of tea actually sounds like bliss!
I’ve spent most of the morning on Freeindex, a free business listing website. I’ve been listed on here for a while, but after a fresh look, everything looked a bit tired and needed a bit of tlc!

New logo added…

Looking much better already! If you fancy popping on, visit;

Hopefully this will encourage a few more visits to my website.

New goodies for a windy day

I get so excited about adding new bits to my website – almost as much as I love to find things like these….

When I see things like this I can’t resist buying them and painting them up with a new lease of life! They looked so sorry for themselves being bare and plain. So after a few hours on the Bumbleblue desk, they looked a little better;

I took them to a craft fair I was doing and sold them to my first customer! She was a really nice lady as well – told me to carry on making my things becasue my products were gorgeous. I told her she could definately come back!

My boyfriend Ed has become really good at planting his own herbs and veg etc. so I’ve promised to make him his own personal set to label all the bits he’s growing. Trouble is, with all the craft fairs, my Folksy shop, and a new trade customer to paint for, he’s been put on a back burner – His vegetables will be grown, cooked and eaten before I’ve finished them!


Wanted to pop on and say hello for the first time.

I’m completely new to the world of blogging so I will be learning as I go! Hopefully I’ll grasp it all pretty quick and have interesting blogs and fabulous pictures popping up in no time.
I have to say a big thanks to the lovely people on Folksy for all the advice on blogging – lets just hope I’ve got lots for people to read!